Friday, March 9, 2012

Because Really They Do Grow Up So Quickly

Cole and all his little friends are going to be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  It seems in so many ways that he was just a tiny preemie not long ago, but the reality is that he will be 5 years old in a few months.  His little face is changing from preschooler to little boy and though in so may ways he still wants to be with me all the time, that will soon change.  I am eager for these changes, since I know there is so much for him to experience and learn in this next chapter.  Of course the mom in me will probably shed a tear of sadness at the loss of time we will have together.  Tonight at bedtime, we put on one of our favorite Cd's from when he was a little guy.  The song used to really get me even back then as Kenny Loggins shares the feelings he has as his first born sets off into the world.  I have listed the lyrics below, but take the time to listen to the song over on youtube, be prepared to get a tear in your eye.

Always, In All Ways

Always, in all ways
You'll be in my mind
For always, in all ways
Words have been so hard to find
I still remember you as a child
holding you in my arms
The way you looked up to me
I thought that I'd always be
I'd be there beside you
For always, in all ways

For always, in all ways
You'll stay in my heart
Always, in all ways
This distance is too far apart
I thought you'd always be daddy's child
And suddenly you were grown
Now that you're on your own
If ever you feel alone
I'll be there beside you
For always, in all ways

I never thought that this day would come
When we'd have to say good-bye
But now that your on your own
Whenever you need a home
I'll be there inside you
Always, in all ways
I'll be there beside you
For always, in all ways.

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