Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who Me the Fireghter's Wife?

  As you know earlier this week, Rich was injured at a fire at work.  As I hear the story retold one hundred times to all the people calling and stopping by, it has become evidently clear that everything went wrong yet everything went right.  I guess there can be two ways to look at the scenario. One way shows  a really routine fire call that went terribly wrong. The other is this terrible scenario coming out so perfectly right.  What I mean is if Rich didn't have on his air mask, he would not have made it out, if he didn't see that window, or had waited even thirty seconds to bail then this would be a very different Sunday. That kind of thought though not our reality can be overpowering and intense. 

This all has me reflecting on my role as a wife of a firefighter.  This is not a role I really relate to much at all.  When compartmentalizing who I am into something of a pie chart, this would be such a tiny sliver.  Yet today I feel like this piece has gone from a sliver to at least half my pie chart.  It has been an adjustment, but the dedication of these professional to each other has been astounding.  So for now I am adjusting to that new change of acting more like the wife of a firefighter.

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