Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daily Deal Vacations, a Good Deal After All?

When I get to my email in the morning, most of the 40 new messages are from daily deal sites.  I pluck through, deleting most.  Sometimes though there is the lure of a great quick overnight retreat only a short distance from my home.  I click on the link dreaming of my kid free escape for only $99 which would include something cool like bike rentals.  Logistically they often don't work for us since the expiration times have become briefer and briefer and  acquiring overnight childcare other wise known as my mom is not a last minute thing. 
Today's deal was an overnight night to t=The Borgata in Atlantic City, with a three course meal, $25 slot credit and two comedy tickets for $189.  Perfect for us in every way other than the fact that we would have 6 weeks to use it and we are already swamped on the calendar.  This summer, however, I want to cash in on one of these deals and jet off on a last minute trip with the kids....  I know not exactly as refreshing as an adults only trip, but since we are sadly pet free we find ourselves in the position to be impulsive with travel.  Have you ever done a daily deal vacation??

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