Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mom Connection Review and Giveaway

Tracy Bianchi writes, " Clean closets do have value, but task obsession will not shape the soul of my child the way that stopping to poke at daffodils will."  That is just one very powerful messages that I took away from the book Mom Connection.  Being a mom now for almost 5 years, this book brought me back to some of those early moments.  It especially had me reminiscing on the first year of Cole's life where he just didn't sleep. This section touched a chord with me, " If you nursed, my guess is that at least once you sat up feeding a child while glaring at a husband deep in his REM sleep. Bianchi shares that she kicked her husband once in a sleepless malaise just to give him a taste of her nocturnal life.  Now I have felt that same frustration as a mother, she goes on to explain ways that you could help keep your marriage on track while adjusting to life with children.
Bianchi spends a great deal of time affirming a lot of the ways we feel as mothers, not only in our relationships with our families but also with other mothers.  One of the main points she gets across to the reader is that we need connections especially with other mothers.  My family is my true joy, but my friends are so important to me as well. They have become an extension of my family and have literally helped raise my children.  Have those people that you can call on at any time is crucial.
On point Bianchi makes is to know that if you are a stay at home mom that there is so much that you do and not to just say yeah I JUST stay home.  She states, " You are not just a mom, but  world-changine, People sharing, caring, life-giving woman swaying to a rhythm that can indeed change the trajectory of this very world."
This would be a great book to be given to a newer mom who is finding her way.  I also think it would make for a great study since Bianchi ends each section with 5 ways to take that chapter into action including prayer and journaling.
 I was provided with this book through MOPs International,  which is so dear to my heart.  They have provided me with a copy to give away to one reader.   The winner of this giveaway will be contacted through email and will have 48 hours to respond with their mailing information.
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