Monday, July 30, 2012

This Is My Shocked Face

Last week I took the kids for their cholesterol check, due to the fact that I have sky high cholesterol and they may too.  This involved ripping them out of their bed, not feeding the bears I mean kids breakfast and then serving up their arms to a lady with bad vein aim.  I had the joyful experience of havign to hold down cecily whiel for ten minutes they tried to get soem blood out of her tiny veins.  It emded with a few drops and me having to return.  I am going to wait a few months to recover.  Cole hated it but did fine.
I got the call with his results today.  I knew before they even connected me what the results were.  He is built just like me so I knew he had my bad blood.  When the nurse advised me (sorry Cole about the HIPA violation) that he has high cholesterol and I need to talk to the doctor my response  was simply, yeah I figured that was the case  So much for trying to bulk him up with milkshakes. 

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