Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why oh Why?

Why is it that deciding on furniture for our two year old daughter has turned into a big deal? Cecily should have probably been in a bed for a while now.  I do not think a child who is potty trained should be still plopped in her crib, but I am a tired mom and was not ready to deal with super nanny training her.  For those not familiar with the method it consists of plopping your child back in their bed a hundred times in a row when they get out of it all while void of emotion even though you want to catapult their little rears back onto their beds by about the fifth time.

Back to topic... We have decided to remain in our current home for one more year and that means Cecily will be staying in  her tomb (bedroom) for an additional year. This means she has to be put in a twin bed.  While looking online she found a lovely princess castle one that would set us back $2000, so scratch that.  I want to find something practical, not particle board that is somewhat reasonable so that should we decide to switch her to a full we have not wasted too much,  I thought about getting something on Craigslist, but the idea of bedbugs is too big of a threat for Rich to even consider.  We found some really lovely beds at Pottery Barn Kids today that had price tags that were not even close to lovely.  Apparently, now if you are a boy you must buy a set in really dark wood and girls need to have white.  I like a nice maple, but saw none of that.  Looks like tomorrow she will get her mattress on the  floor and we will pick up a princess bed tent (insert eye roll here) at Wal Mart (yet another eye roll and maybe a little throw up too).  Someday we may find something in between or I may cave to team white girl furniture.


  1. We had to buy our daughter wood furniture from a store that made wood furniture and my hubby stained it. As for the crib that turned into her full bed, it was the same light brown color... not sure what it is as my brain is freezing. I don't like the white eiter but "had" to buy her a white little table since I couldn't find on in any other color... good luck. I like the matress on the floor idea... except the bed tents aren't made like they used to be when we were little with the bottom like a fitted sheet... now they are not attached to anything (at least the ones we found ) ans fall down all the time. I have a buzz lightyear aitting in my closet... :-/

  2. We bought Jane's Furniture at Howard Hill, same thing as Courtenay we stained it a lighter oak color, and then to make it girly I painted the handles hot pink. Olivia has oak color also, it was her great grandmothers, but we think it is cool. It is kind of hard to match anything to Zebra and pink, she (meaning Olivia) even has a Black rug....oh the joys of an 11 year old. I say look around some more you will find something just right. And with her bed on the ground at least she will not roll out, we still find Jane under hers many mornings. Good luck