Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Characteristics of a Strong Willed Child

I only have one strong willed child and it is quite noticeable which one falls under that category. What characteristics do strong willed children share?  My friend and I were comparing notes the other day and I thought I would share some of what we came up with.

So if you have a strong willed child do they exhibit these traits?  What traits should we add to the list?

1.  Likes to do things own their own and at a very young age.
2.  Is stubborn and will fight a battle even of the simplest form to exhaustion.
3.  Is bright.
4  Is verbal at a young age.
5.  Has an exceptional memory.
6.  Is busy or active.
7.  Has a fierce temper that escalates quickly even over basic issues.
8.  Dressing and clothing are issues.  Likes to determine what to wear, dislikes wearing jackets and shoes.  
9. Has difficulty sharing possessions and people.

My Cecily exhibits these characteristics to varying forms.  I have had to learn to bend to her ways in order to maintain peace.  Tonight she was not happy that her summer princess pajamas could not be worn.  It caused an uproar with her so I simply explained that she had to wear warm pajamas, but could wear the princess pajamas over top.  Thankfully, this whole debate was settled in less than a minute.  I am learning day by day how to reduce struggles and maintain her knowing that her parents are ultimately in charge, well kind of sometimes....

Princess pajamas over top of winter pajamas.  Oh and brother could not be left out of the fun!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I thought Jane was the only one who did not like wearing jackets and shoes. How weird. I read this list to my husband and he laughed. She has all the same traits, but I must say she is good with sharing. I think that must come with wanting to share her older sisters toys. Our big battle tonight was over the dinner I made. It was not what "she" wanted. A fan was knocked over, my husband was kicked a few times and every pillow on the couch was thrown. Really??? Over not wanting to eat fish. It lasted about 10min, and then she was on my lap giving hugs and saying she was sorry. What I have learned is that she knows when she can and can not act this way. She has never had a single issue in school or church,She is a great student, but sure knows how to push our buttons. Last Monday when the bus showed up she took off her shoes and ran home, all because she did not want to wear sneakers. Guess what she won, because I had to drive her to school and did not want her to be late. Not sure if she was yelled at for wearing crocs to gym, but how do I make her keep the sneakers on her feet? Do you send her on the bus bare foot? (because she would do that) I know it is about picking your battles, but with a strong willed child some days everything it a battle. She has to prove to me that she can out smart me, and sometimes I am just left standing shaking my head. I would not change one thing though, she has taught me so much about patience and learning to deal with things in a whole new way. I am right there with you, good luck Mama