Monday, December 17, 2012

I Just Dropped My Child Off at School

Not sure if Cole thought it strange that he got extra cuddles and hugs from both parents all weekend.  This morning I did not rush him or scold him for not coming up to get dressed when he was told.  I told him how kind and wonderful he was, he probably is going to start to wonder if the Christmas spirit maybe got to us.  The car was on auto start and as we got in, the channel that had been playing Christmas music quite loudly on our last voyage was still blaring. The station no longer was playing a Christmas carol, but instead had on the news.  The story was naming the victims and I rushed to my side to turn off the report before Cole could hear, but I heard it.  The story of a little girl killed and her joyfully playing the piano and singing. I can't do this I thought to myself.  I bolted to the volume and caught it before we had to hear any more and my children were none the wiser.  All buckled in, we shifted just down the street to the car line where there was a noticeable police presence and the principal on this day stood out front.  I hustled Cole out of the car with a good bye and promise of fun times after school.  Cecily and I drove off as she called out, "I want Cole."  I was immediately choked up as I drove away from my precious child knowing that he really would be safe, yet remembering that some other parents had done this same routine only a few short days ago for the last time. 

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