Friday, January 4, 2013

Get Ready For MathBlaster!

Things have come a long way since my days of playing on my Texas Instrument practicing math facts.  We have been very pleased with all our experiences playing on JumpStart.   Now our family has been given the chance to try out the full experience at Math   We are excited to try this out then share the review with you, plus a giveaway as well! You can head over to Youtube for a little preview of what the site offers as well.
While we are off playing and getting the review ready, has provided me with the following info to share with you all:
  • Multiple player accounts
    • Add up to 6 kids
  • Create your own Blaster
    • Boys, girls, or aliens!
  • Mathematical missions
    • Sign up at the Space Port, Math Academy and on the job board
  • Monster Mutts
    • Raise and train your own special pets
  • Mobile apps
    • Take your pet with you or continue the learning missions wherever you go
  • Blaster challenges
    • Propose or accept challenges from other blasters
  • Math worksheets
    • Challenging and fun math and mind-bending activities
  • Access to
    • A bonus membership included, as well as 4 downloadable games.  

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