Tuesday, January 8, 2013


If I have seemed foggy to those who see me personally, it is due to lack of sleep.  I have a munchkin exiting her room each night in search of a larger and more full location.  I super nannied her the other night for an hour and half, but then did not have the strength  to do it again in fear my own exhaustion would result in catching the latest of 100 viruses buzzing about our social circle. I was able to sleep until 12:00 last night at which time she descended upon us in all her glory. The rest of the night was filled with her usual coughing and kicking plus a little flip flopping. 

At 6:45, she woke not with a sweet snuggle but an instant demand of me and for a moment I grumbled and took a deep breath.  Before heading into the shower, I decided to open up my email to see which of my other friends could not make it to our planning meeting today due to sick children. I was delighted to find an email from my very good friend who I have lost touch with over the past few years.  She has a new baby and I wanted to catch up on all the details of lack of sleep and no showering.  I read the message to find out her little one has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and my heart sunk.  We know several families with children who have CF and though I can never understand their personal journey through this diagnosis, I know how challenging it can be to parent a child period much less one with special medical needs.  In that moment, I got my lazy rear out of bed and counted my blessings which included two healthy children. I have spent the rest of the day praying and crying some for this little guy.  I am now  including him in my list of children with CF that I pray for, which seems like far too many.  I hope that there is a cure for these children soon.

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