Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Promise

I am sitting here reflecting, we are away from our church and so I am making a personal attempt to keep in line with the true meaning of Easter.  This past week, I have seen faith revealed around me.  God's promises to us run strong and true.  One friend showed me what true faith is as she said good bye to her precious little baby this week, who was born to soon.  She shared that it warms her heart to know that the first person he will see when he opens his eyes is Jesus.  To walk through that with such peace is a true example to me of what strong faith looks like.  Another friend has to let go of a dear family member whose body has been taken over by cancer.  She can fin peace in hospice helping him through the end and knowing he will be pain free and in heaven soon.  To these two families Easter this year must have even greater significance.  So in between the chocolate for breakfast and the egg hunts take time to reflect on how God has worked this year in your life.  Whether it has been walking you through a storm or a time of praise and joy,  How Great is our God! 

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