Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We Have Arrived

Today Cecily and I spent a wonderful morning at Smith Park in Philadelphia.  It was pretty much a stress free day.  As I looked around at all the pregnant moms with little bitties, or nursing moms, or dad chasing toddlers about; I felt like I had arrived. Before leaving, Cecily and I split off from our friends and played alone for a bit on the playground.  As she squealed going up and down on the boat see saw, I felt completely relaxed.  I felt like I had made it.
It was about three years ago that we were here:
Those first few months of making sure I got out of the house with Cole so his entire day was not spent on the couch watching TV while I nursed a colicky  baby. 
The next year was spent making sure that Cole had fun while Cecily didn't eat her entire body weight in mulch, stones, or worms.
Last year was spent reminding someone that they were only turning 2 and were not quite big enough.  Lots of tears of frustration.
Now here we are, she is almost 3 and her brother is in school full time and I get to mostly just enjoy.  It is fun even the days it takes her an hour to eat her soup at Shop Rite or she needs to push the cart. I have finally arrived, well at least sort of :).

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