Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun at Sahara Sam's

If you are local and have not tried out Sahara Sam's Oasis yet, this is a great time of year to enjoy some indoor water park fun and soon outdoor water play as well.  We were given four passes to try out Sahara Sam's and my children were completely thrilled.  We often drive by their tube slide and Cole who is five remembers his last trip there two years ago.  He has been itching to go back and now was the perfect time.  Cecily being just shy of three is very self sufficient and it felt manageable for us all to have a great time.  Before heading over, I called the front desk to check on how busy they expected it to be.  The staff member was extremely helpful and shared that they did not expect any large groups and it looked like a light day.  The sun was shining which meant we just threw on the suits and headed out of the house.

You can see the new construction area to be completed for this summer!

Things we really enjoyed about Sahara Sam's Oasis:
  • The staff was knowledge and friendly.
  • There was a variety of sections that both our 3 and 5 year old could enjoy.
  • The water and air temperature were perfect for long lasting water time!
  • The life guards were courteous and very watchful.  While there they ran a training routine where a toy baby is thrown in the water to see if the guards would save the baby.  The four guards we saw tested passed!
  • The slides are completely awesome even for adults.
  •  The locker system set up with a wristband is easy to use.
  • There is an extensive bar, food area, as well as a game room.
  • It is a family friendly place.
  • There is ample parking and an easy in and out rear exit.
Our children played happily for hours.  I  would recommend heading there as close to opening time as possible to eliminate the crowds.  We only had to wait in lines of maybe five people deep if there was any wait at all.  My children loved the The Tim-Buk-Tree Fort the most because it contained slides that they could ride independently and cool interactive splash features.

 They are currently offering a special membership for $59.95 a person.  If you are not sure that you will get your money's worth, you can go for the day and see how it pans out then apply that towards the membership.  That is information I read in the dressing room, not sure if it is posted on their site. I think if you have children 5 and up that this would be ideal. I saw lots of school aged children having a blast very independently.   I would love to be sharing with you more pictures, but we were running a man to man operation with Cecily and Cole. Thanks to Sahara Sam's Oasis and New Jersey Family Guide for providing us with  the tickets so we could share in this amazing afternoon with our children.

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