Thursday, May 23, 2013

To Live Like You Are In Your Last Days...

This week I have been inspired and amazed by some really joyful people who are living their last days.  I learned that there are blessings that can come from illness. That it can give you a new perspective.  I was reminded that life is about relationships and joy.  That there can be peace in death and that even when you are gone from this world you can leave a legacy and an be inspiration. 

I am sure you have seen a link for this amazing video about Zach Sobiech.  It is about 22 minutes long and worth every second. Watch here on Youtube. After you watch that, check out his music.  I was especially touched by the song he and his very good friend wrote and sung about friendship called Fix Me Up.  Though Zach has left this world, he continues to inspire and remind others what life is about. All the money raised from the sales of his music is going to cancer research.

Zach's story is just one of many shared on Soul Pancake in a series called My Last Days.  I have watched each  one and can say that this is life altering.  These courageous people show us to be more appreciative, more joyful and to live a life worth living.  Please take the time to grab a tissue and listen to the lessons they have left for us.

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