Friday, May 31, 2013

Will We Ever Safely Eat Again?

 Foul language is necessary to get my point across, sorry:)

Have you been following the recent news, movement, and viral information about genetically modified food?  If not let me update you... You can no longer feel safe about walking into a grocery store and buying your family food.  Don't get anything in a box, or in a bag, don't eat anything that may prompt you to lick the orange dusty remnants off your fingers, don't buy anything that your child may be delighted in you serving them for dinner.  In fact don't even buy something that is called Nature Valley and is something you previously felt good packing in your mommy snack bag to pull out in front of the other moms on the playground.  Like hey bitches check me out and the good food I feed my little ones.

Now you must go only to Whole Foods, with your smart phone and scan in each item you consider buying.  The app will let you know which foods won't give your cancer.  Walk out of the store with two bags of groceries totally over $200 and go for it gals! Pull out your safe foods at the playground and relish in your shining mom of the year moment.  Hand it over to your dear little one that you are saving from a lifetime of poison and wait for that wonderful success moment.  Wait for it, wait for it.  What you little spoiled brat, you will eat that stick and berry crunchy gluten free, sugar free, natural bar.  Don't you dare throw that on the ground, that cost a day's pay!  Fine mommy will eat it see..... Yum, oh Shit it tastes like ass...

Oh course I kid, but seriously this is through the roof.  I looked at the list of what I need to avoid at the store.  Why not just write....  the three foods I could eat.  Honestly, I never really thought anything that left cheese residue on Cecily's hands was either good or really safe, but sometimes a girl has to paint and move and so you know how that story goes. Like sure have your three little bags of Cheetos and wash your hand when you are done, I will be up here being productive as you clog your arteries.

Here is what I think... buy local, try to buy organic, buy foods that will actually spoil because they are fresh! Do what you can, when you can for your family and don't judge.  Inform others with kindness.  For God's sake's one of you GMO knowledge gals send me a list I can buy at the grocery store that will neither cause us to claim bankruptcy or send my kids into a starvation front.  Thank God my kids like fresh foods.  So for now we are going to just eat the fresh strawberries grown in our yard and I am looking at that venison in the freezer with new perspective!

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