Monday, June 3, 2013

Up the Creek Without a Paddle

My life right now is chaos! I won't go through every little detail but let's just say I am taking things -a day at a time.  An impending move, a fixer upper, a couple mortgages, a couple kids, a couple of other very stressful things and then the end of the school year with parties and such oh and how about Cole's birthday too.
So did I end up doing to escape the stress, I retreated into the world of Dawson's Creek which was and perhaps still is my favorite show.  I thought last night I would just watch the episode where Joey decides that she has feelings for Pacey more than old Blockhead Dawson.I had not seen it since it originally aired. One episode ought to do and frankly I skipped through all the annoying scenes.  I snuggled in my bed with my laptop streaming free Dawson's Creek, after three hours I was still enthralled skipping from episode to episode.  At about 11:30,  I even emailed my old roommate wishing she was with me reliving our days in our early twenties glued to the TV.  The days before DVR...  Not going to fib, that I was back at it again today in between a million other things.  So what is my new stress rescue, Dawson's Creek which could actually be turning into a problem of its own.

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