Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Bandage Effect

I know I have been missing in action from the blog and it is not for lack of ideas to write about, but rather from levels of chaos.  We are in the process of a move to another state about 2 hours from our present home.  This move is not your run of the mill move, but rather has a multitude of layers. One layer reflects that we are now carrying two mortgages.  We are currently fixing up the new house that needed  tons of work and emptying out the old house that was too cluttered to list as is. Thankfully our old house barely has a mortgage!
So we are bouncing around between the houses, not really sure when we say the words "going home" to the kids where that even means.  I thought the slow process would be helpful to the kids making leaving what they know here behind a little less painful if done over time.  I thought it would give us time to slowly settle in.  I retract that idea just wishing for now that the move was like a bandage where I could just grab hold and rip it off all in one shot.  Alas, we are here slowly tugging at the proverbial bandage. 

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