Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dear Running, I Hate You...

If you are on Facebook and my guess is if you are reading this you are, then you probably get those little update from friends on their wonderful calorie burning runs.  Today Suzy ran 8 miles in like 40 minutes and burned 8 zillion calories.  Then Suzy adds, "Feeling great about this run today even though I was off my goal."  You might want to punch Suzy in the face just a little bit!   You read enough of these posts though and you squeeze into enough pair of jeans with your husband saying, "Boy you are really having to push those on!" and it may be time to take action.

So Rich and I started the Ease into 5K program one week ago.  Okay it really is not that bad after all, but I still hate running.  The good news is having a husband to run with as well as an App that actually makes the task more interesting makes it almost bearable.  So if in a few weeks if we actually run the whole 35 minutes and I decide to post it on Facebook, I will understand if you want to punch me right in my face. There is a chance though that we won't make it and I will continue to squeeze into these jeans!

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