Monday, September 30, 2013

When Did Halloween Become Slutty?

I remember the Halloweens of my childhood.  My mom would sew up a costume for me to parade around school then use for trick or treating at night.  Back then Halloween was pretty much a one day affair, there were not too many extra events to dress up for other than the library costume party.  It was always pretty frigid on Halloween and trick or treating didn't start till dark, so you had to pile long johns and sweats under your costume.  If you were a fairy, then you were a poofy fairy because about an hour in you needed your winter coat on.
Somewhere over the years, Halloween has become slutty.  I don't even mean for just the adults, but they are targeting kids as well.  Cecily wants to be a butterfly, which is thankfully as simple as a pair of wings, and some antennae.   I found this costume that was sexed up with some almost thigh highs.  I think Cecily will stick with black sweats and some wings,maybe a little tutu to jazz things up, but we will skip the thigh highs

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