Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sick Kids Do More Than Break My Heart

I think we all would admit that hearing about a sick child is completely heart breaking.  I know I can not get through a story about a little one with cancer or a terminal illness dry eyed ever, nor do I ever wish to.  I have been blessed with two healthy children. There is that saying that Marlo Thomas has that you should be thankful for the healthy children in your life by helping those facing obstacles. Those are true words.

I know how fortunate I am and I try very hard not to take the ease and simplicity of the daily routines of my life for granted. When I eat something just because I want to, I think about our friend whose son has diabetes or another whose child must take medicine before ingesting food.  When I am at an indoor play place, I think about how I just simply apply hand sanitizer to my child and go about my day instead of fearing that a dangerous virus could have been picked up by my child.  When my child has a soccer game, I can relax and enjoy instead of being concerned that he may have a dangerous asthma attack.  I can send my child off to school without fear that he will be exposed to a dangerous allergen that could take his life.   

We have been fortunate enough to have learned many lessons from the children in our lives that are ill.  They have taught me to have faith, to appreciate life's beauty, to embrace kindness, to show compassion, to fight against insurmountable obstacles, to smile more, and to appreciate the simple things in life.  They show bravery and courage on a level that I personally never could.  They are my super heroes and their parents aren't so bad either:). 

The past 24 hours, my Facebook page has been blown up with the story of my dear friend Brynn's daughter who is in treatment for Cystic Fibrosis at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for two weeks.  Bailey is  getting a special pass from the hospital to attend a Selena Gomez concert on Friday night.  Her dream as with any preteen is to meet her idol before the show.  Through some great dedication from her mother, Brynn, and a little help from some of her friends Fox 29 in Philadelphia has now covered the story.  You can watch all about this great family here.  Please follow the directions about how you can tweet and join her Facebook page

As the story has progressed, our family received news that our dear other little friend is being admittedas I type into CHOP for complications with his CF.  I am heartbroken to know my two friends will finally meet each other while their children are both at the hospital with their children, not at Panera like I had always wanted.  Please keep these two sweet children in your prayers. Hug your healthy children a little tighter then ask someone who has a child with an illness how you can help them.

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