Monday, November 11, 2013

Great Online Shopping at WalMart Today

I usually do not shop WalMart, but have many friends and family members that do.  Today there are some great online deals where you receive a gift card back with purchase. If you can gift that gift card then it sweetens your deals. 
I have been looking for a new Power Wheels for Cecily as our treasured yard sale finds have all died off.  Today I was able to get the Power Wheels Dune Buggy for $240 shipped with a $75 gift card back!  Great for us since we always get my mother in law a WalMart gift card.
KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse is $99 with an added $20 bonus card!
Other Great Deals!
Crayola Easel $29.97 with a $10 bonus card
Lifetime Adjustable Backetball Hoop $137 and a $30 gift card back.
So many more deals, find a great one and share it!

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