Thursday, January 16, 2014

Attack of the Cluster Feeder

Cluster feeding is a fancy term for when your crazed baby basically hooks onto you like a leech and nurses for hours.  Little did I know that some kids remain cluster feeders and Cecily is one of them. 
She rarely eats dinner because she likes most of her food before 3 in the afternoon. 
This morning started out with a bowl of granola cereal with milk.
Next she had a full cup of cranberry juice.
Followed by a full bowl of strawberries.
Followed by her reward chocolate(that's another story).
Followed by... Mom I want a cookie like the one I had yesterday.  She didn't have a cookie yesterday but then again she still refers to living in New Jersey as last week.  So I show her a tin of cookies we got for Christmas.  NOOOOO the ones I had yesterday.  These are the only cookies we have Cecily, I kindly reply.  It is morning so there is still patience left within.  The cookie I ate at lunch.   Huh?
The meat, the meat.  Oh, so you want ham.  Yes the ham I want the ham.  Oh because I was supposed to get that from cookie.  Who wouldn't know that cookie sounds like turkey and turkey means ham.  I am such an amatuer. 
She is on to her second helping and it is 9:00.  We are off to playgroup where she will surely eat whatever they are serving, most likely the official snack of preschoolers across the land, "goldfish."

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