Wednesday, January 15, 2014


  • does my daughter love to swim, but the second she gets water on her face in the tub she acts like a Gremlin?
  •  am I the only one in the house who cleans the under side of the toilet seat though I don't regularly lift it up?
  • am I the only person who is so uncoordinated that I can not run on the treadmill and look up at the TV at the same time?
  • do the knees on my jeans always wear out?  (no I don't work part time on a corner)
  • do my kids only sleep in on school days?
  • can I teach an emotionally student to function in school, but can't get my own 3 year old to stay in her bed all night?
  • are children made with so much more energy than their parents?
  • do my children think that our couches are trampolines?
  • do my children love a food until I buy it in bulk and they suddenly "don't like that any more?"
  • did these darn people put the lightest color carpet imaginable in this house?
  • didn't  I stop Cecily when I saw her carrying the cup of water to use with her water colors down the steps?
  • aren't' the washable paint splatters all over the almost white carpet coming out?
  • did this have to happen the second I decided to make myself something to eat?
  • is my toast now burnt?  Oh yeah we can guess why?

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