Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back At It...

So yes if you have been checking in on the blog, you probably heard some crickets chirping and nothing else.  The lack of writing was certainly not due to lack of things I felt compelled to ramble on about, but rather it was because I had too much other writing to do. After 10 years I have moved back to Pennsylvania and more specifically after 16 years have moved back to Northeastern Pennsylvania.  As the kids are now growing to an age where I am needed less on an every waking moment basis, it is time to consider the next step of heading back to a job that pays money. The last time I taught school was in in New Jersey.  Between those years teaching and my years home, my license in Pennsylvania lapsed.  This means I can not apply for a job or even substitute at a school without getting my teaching certificate in order.  First step towards that was taking 2 graduate level courses or 180 hours of free online courses.  I went with the free option that I could do at my leisure.

My kitchen became my work station, though my husband suggested a locked bedroom where the children could not find me.
For all of you that work from home or take classes and do coursework at home with children around, wow!  I am pretty sure an electric lighted sign started to advertise to my children, especially Cecily the moment I would begin working on a class.  I promised myself that I would focus on getting this done and would not be doing the blog or other for fun writing until it was done.  Something like 100 short papers later and I am finally done.  It is at least the first step towards re-upping my certification. 

So now I promised my friends that I would be back with some sort of deal ideas or antics in my life.  Perhaps a full essay of the pros and cons of the skirted bathing suit would be a good start. Whatever it is it will never be all that well written, but hopefully it will ave you money or make you laugh!

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