Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's All About the Sticker Shock

I have been designing sticker charts in many capacities for almost two decades!  As a teacher I used them often, as a friend I have recommended them frequently, and as a parent I have used them almost never.  Finally, I have found a system that is working for us.  To make a successful sticker chart system you need it to motivate the kids while not torturing the parents!
So here is what is working for us.... The sticker chart is reinforcing a few positive behaviors that we are seeking from the children while trying to also assure that over the summer there is still some learning.
You choose what your goals are for your children.  I believe creating a system where the child easily earns at least one sticker a day will make sure there is reinforcement and success.
Our goals are as follows: (you can guess which child each goes to if you know my kids well)
Sticker for...
  •  Making your bed, putting the laundry in the basket, picking up your floor, hanging up your bath towel.
  • Extra chore of choosing including wiping down bathroom, sweeping the porch, walking the dog will equal extra sticker.
  • 20 minutes of summer work. 
  • 15-20 minutes of reading.
  • Getting ready for the morning and night without a fuss including selecting an appropriate outfit in a timely manner, brushing teeth, fixing hair, using the bathroom.
  • Being kind most of the day 
  • Not crying over small things.
Stickers can be given for other reasons such as finishing meal well without complaint, showing compassion, sharing,etc...

Rewards in our house mimic fun things we would do in summer, but the kids need to earn them.
  • Bowling (kids bowl free)
  • Special snack at the grocery store of their choosing.
  • Roller Skating
  • Fishing
  • Paddle Boat Ride
  • Creating a Science Experiment
  • Movies
  • Select a book at Barnes and Noble
  • Museum
  • Miniature Golf
  • Ice Cream for Dinner
Sticker packs can be purchased at The Dollar Tree.  One pack would last for an eternity!  I print out a new chart about once a week.  The kids select the themes.  I have found this has not only kept the kids on track, but me as well.  We are certainly doing more school work this summer than we have ever done before!
Cecily working hard to not cover her unicorns.
Cole's only motivation to read!

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