Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Children's Birthday Parties... Rocking Good Times

When your kids are young, they tend to get invited to a lot of birthday parties.  I think parents of Kindergarteners are especially subject to the whole class invite situation.  At this stage you probably accept most all of the invites.  First of all,  you want to be kind to the birthday child and secondly it is a great way to meet the other parents in this age of not knowing your neighbors.

 It is not all that bad and sometimes the parents order extra food.  So not only do you not have to prepare lunch that day, but at good parties you may even get your own slice of cake. Then there are times when cake options are left to scooping up your child's half licked leftover  piece.  My daughter always takes the cake, but never eats it so I am set every single time.  Now at children's' parties you will find a certain group of moms who will not accept the food.  Not even that extra cake, it is always, "oh no thank you I already ate.". Let's be honest, there is a reason they are thin and self control at birthday parties may lead to wight loss.  Don't join them though, there are only a few simple pleasures for a parent who is stuck at a jump house party with 25 screaming kids and eating pizza and cake are included in that.

Finally, as you pull your filthy germ infested child off the bouncy house and are ready to make a break for it, you may be stopped to be given the crap.  You know what I am speaking about.... the party favor or gift bag. This is the stuff you usually pick up off the carpet to through away while vacuuming.  Since our move, I have found here the bags mostly contain candy.  Cecily was exhilarated by a party bag containing a sugar filled baby bottle.  By the time I had her strapped in her car seat and put the car in reverse, she had discovered the delight and was sucking away.  My daughter has a junk radar, the wore it is the happier she becomes. What led me to this post? Well I am planning Cecily's Zumba party and have reached the favor stage.  Now often I buy and give out books.  Big hit with the parents probably the kids would like to come egg my house.  So do I go ahead and order the books or should I get the echo mics?  Perhaps I should just head up to party city for the sugar filled baby bottles that I know will be a hit!

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