Friday, December 30, 2011

A Trip to the Emergency Room

Just a few miles away from our home in New Jersey they opened up a new beautiful state of the art hospital with its own Pediatric Emergency Room. We passed it the other night on one of our Christmas light rides. As we gazed in amazement at its sure magnitude, I said to my husband isn't it fortunate that we have not had to visit there yet. You can guess where this is leading already. Fast forward a week later...

We had an awesome holiday with all the Christmas celebrations that accompany the fact that both sets of grandparents are divorced, meaning plenty of gifts and tons of visiting. After the last of our celebrations, we headed up for two nights to our mountain house for some low key fun. Sadly, Cecily started to get sick and so it was a fairly exhausting time since she would not part from me for even a second. If you are a parent you probably know how that wears on you when you can't even escape to the bathroom without a grasping toddler on your lap. Things worsened last night and I was literally up with her every five minutes as she was sputtering, having difficulty breathing, and just so uncomfortable.
When morning came and she was just not improving, still feverish despite taking ibuprofen we had to do something. Our doctor here in New Jersey felt we had better get her to the hospital instead of attempting to transport her back with her symptoms. So we drove the 5 miles to the local hospital. I didn't know what to expect, but when the doors were not even automatic and the front desk had a phone that was easily from the 1980's I was a bit nervous. Though the equipment and facilities were outdated, the care was quality. We were seen quickly and she was prescribed antibiotics. Most importantly I felt safe putting her to sleep tonight. Hopefully we will not have to go to an ER any time soon, but today I am thankful to live near our really great ER and thankful for another small ER a few hours from here that took the time to give quality care to our little girl!

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