Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All About my Sister by Big Brother Cole

She loves her big brother.

If you have been reading  my blog for a bit then you get the impression that Cecily adds a little zest to our every day life around here. Thought it may be fun to have Cole answer a few questions about his little sister.

1.  Who is Cecily's best friend?
Me (Cole) because I like her too.

2.  How does she act?
Not very nice cause she smacks me in the face sometimes.(oh so true)

3.  What is one way she is nice?
She hugs and loves me and kisses.

4.  What is the best part about having a little sister?
She is kind and loves me.

5.  What does she like to do best?
She likes to play with anything I play with first.

6. What does she like to eat?
She likes broccoli best.

7.  Where is her favorite place?
Grammy's house

8.  If you could be an only child would you?
I like having a sister.

Nothing too funny or revealing but shows he loves his little wild thing of a sister.

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