Thursday, November 1, 2012

Facebook for Good or Bad?

I spent a few minutes speaking with my friend last night about the negativity popping up on my Facebook feed such as complaining and starting family fights. I personally have had it with all the political banter from both sides.  I do not mind a good political debate or even an opinion. When one can not respect others' right to choose, it gets under my skin.  Between that and the latest debates about trick or treating in the wake of the recent hurricane, I was feeling dragged down by the posts.  Just as I was relaying to my husband my frustrations, the phone rang.

It was my neighbor calling with an emergency request for help.  Her niece had lost everything in  Hurricane Sandy and she wondered if I could spread the word about any clothing donations for the two young children.  I quickly posted the request and went about putting the kids to bed.  Within moments the outpouring of generosity began to pop up on my page.  In less than twelve hours, donations are in process both locally and from other states.  My cousin's wife 37 weeks pregnant spent last night shuffling through her attic to find clothes to send along for the little boy who had lost everything.  Another friend only 6 days postpartum herself hand delivered items for the little girl. By the end of the day, the family will be fully clothed by all the donations.  This is just touching on the family's basic needs, but I know they will be warmed by all the kindness of strangers. 

Facebook like humans may have it's imperfections,but it is more for good than bad.  Do you agree?

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.

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