Friday, December 7, 2012

Working Those Fine Motor Skills

I have been adventuring in the world of working on fine motor skills and increasing my sons core upper body strength.  Through the help of a friend who is an Occupational Therapist and a training with our school OT (who is fabulous!) I have learned a lot.  A few friends had asked for suggestions for their own children so I thought it best to put it in a post that we can all go back and reference.  I am in no way a skilled professional in this area, but hope what I can pass along from these professionals is correct and helpful.

Activities to try:

  •  Move water using a turkey baster.

  • Use tweezers to eat a snack.  We have done mini marshmallows which are soft and easier to pick up. This day we did chocolate chips which were harder.  Cecily used large tongs, while Cole used traditional tweezers.
  • Use a spoon and funnel to move flour or sand into a large balloon.  At Halloween we made white ghosts. 
  • Use a spray bottle to help clean around the house.  I also use the Rubbermaid Reveal Mop which has a spray trigger.
  • Do wheelbarrow walks getting something from one side of the room to the other.  Start by holding at the waist and as your child progresses move towards their feet.  Crab walk is another great one.
  • Use bathtub crayons to have your chil raw on vertical surfaces.  
  • Tape a paper to the bottom of a child's sized table and let them play Michelangelo.
  • Play keep up the balloon in the house on a cold day.
  • Use Therapy Putty.  You can have children hide coins an find them.  Have them create a birthday cake and put in real candles then have them remove the candles using one had.
  • Cut, draw, and paint!
These are just a few of the great ideas we have used at our home and there has been a dramatic improvement.  Also the program I would suggest at home would be Handwriting Without Tears.  I have never used the entire program.  If you simply purchase the basic printing workbook, you can find a lot of helpful songs and tips on Youtube.

Want to buy some supplies or tools that help  Here is a list of some things we have used.

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