Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sign Up For Ebates This Holiday

If you do any online shopping you must sign up for Ebates!  It is like getting rebates on all the items you buy online through their site, no scam or complicated mess.  It also looks like they will offer you a $50 bonus if you get two friends to sign up.  That is really great money!  I am including my referral link, because if you don't have an account and sign up through here I would get the credit and love you for that!  I usually get checks a few times a year from about $10-20 and it is nice bit of extra cash from something I was going to do anyway.  Here is the link to sign up and then share yours with your Facebook friends! 
An added bonus is they also have free shipping codes and other percentage off codes listed so you assure you are getting the best deal on the item you are purchasing.

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