Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Eating Healthy, Worth the Expense?

Do you have brand trust?  If you were to ask my mother in law or mother if a certain food is good for you, they are likely to say of course it is such and such brand.  In their day there was great respect and trust in a brand.  The feeling was that they were providing safe choices for families.  Today I don't feel that this is the case.  Big business has become deceptive, labeling packages to lead you to believe that you are buying something healthy. Then you discover reading the label that it is not healthy after all but rather loaded with additives and perservatives.

When I started this blog, one of the main reason was to share about food budgeting and how to save on groceries. At the time we were spending anywhere between $40-$75 a week at the grocery store by using coupons and shopping sales. Times have really changed!

You may have read other blog posts touting the affordability of eating healthy if you do this or that.  I have found that yes there are ways to cut corners, but overall making better choices costs more.  We are trying to purchase more locally produced foods, more organic foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. 

I had to get over the fact that I was going to need to spend more and not just a little more, but significantly more each week. The fake syrup in the grocery store is going to cost less than the real maple syrup sourced locally.    We started slowly here by getting our milk, eggs, syrup, and honey through our local dairy.  We have made more moves towards improving what we are eating little by little.  We are now trying several home delivery meal services at a discount to see if that is worth the expense.  (I will review those very soon.)

I think to us, it is worth the expense.  It took me time to get to that point. We are buying less each week, but better quality.  The kids are learning to eat more variety in their diet, in fact Cecily will actually eat a raw carrot for the first time.  Have you also made changes in your home?

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  1. I think eating healthy is worth the expense. In the long run, its so much better for you and your body even if it does cost a lot! We are trying to eat more fresh vegetables and meats, and less preserved foods.