Sunday, September 23, 2012

Consigning What's Is It Worth to You??

Are you in on the consigning sites of Facebook yet?  If you have a little one, chances are you have loads of things that need to be cleared out to make space for the total influx of new stuff at Christmas.  I am not sure why children these days have so many toys.  This week I finally started posting some things since our Mops group has begun having their own site.  When you end up with an emotional attachment to an item it is easier to let it go to someone you know. It is amazing watching what sells and what doesn't and to what extent people are willing to travel to make a buck.  For me to meet up with someone even a mile from my home, I would need to be selling something worth about $10 at least.  I see ladies all the time traveling to sell something for $1, do they know how much gas costs? 
Also recently, I visited a local consginment store.  It was a high end shop, which I read only accepts name brand items such as Gymboree, Janie and Jack, Gap and boutique style clothes. I discoverd that they were asking around $12 for Gymboree long sleeved tops.  I was shocked knowing I could go to Gymboree and with a good sale and 20% off coupon and beat that price most days.  So are we fooled sort of like on Ebay to feel like we are winning an item and getting a deal?  You need to be quick on these consignment sites if you have interest, because the women swarm around the good items like flies on shit.   I am still mourning the loss of a set of 8 Disney Princess Costumes for $30.

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